Enhance your driving skills with us

Are you looking to better your driving skills? The Pass Plus course will help you become a safer and more reliable driver. It will teach you more advanced techniques that cannot fail to make you more confident on the road. Get complete information and learn how Pass Plus can benefit your life for good.

Enhance your driving skills with us

"I passed first time with four minors only due to the help of Brian's Driving Tuition! I started learning to drive in my own car with my dad for three months before looking around for an instructor and immediately liked Brian from a phone call! He's a really nice guy, very patient and flexible. He managed to break me out of all my bad habits, teach me how to do all of the manoeuvres and how to handle town areas. I passed within three months of having his amazing help! Highly recommended! Thank you!"

— A happy customer

Brian's Driving Tuition — your driving partner

Insurance companies realise the advantage of clearing the Pass Plus course. Hence, you may be able to reduce your premiums substantially.

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